Friday, July 21, 2017

I Am Not Inspired by Morgan Inspiration Island

Have you read about the new water park in Texas designed for children with disabilities?  It's called Morgan Inspiration Island, I guess because people with disabilities are supposed to inspire non-disabled people, you know.

While everyone is all excited about an accessible, inclusive water park, remember that this means other water parks are inaccessible, exclusive. And this one is sort of exclusive too since it's being advertised as being for kids with disabilities, instead of for all kids. Apparently kids with disabilities need their very own water park, instead of being able to enjoy whatever water park is near their home.

Would the response be the same if a new water park was opened for African American kids? Or for Jewish kids? Or for any other group? Why segregate the kids with disabilities in their very own water park instead of demanding all parks be accessible - you know, like the federal law says they should be anyway?

Monday, May 29, 2017

Regular People

A friend of mine posted on Facebook about her kitten going into heat.  Someone advised her to call the vet first thing in the morning and get that kitty spayed ASAP.  My friend replied that she has to wait a couple weeks until she will have the money.  I told her in a few days, she will be ready to sell her soul to get the money.

Someone else asked if the SPCA didn't spay cats for free.  Yet another person, someone I don't know, replied, "You can usually get it done someplace for free or close to free if you are on some sort of assistance.  Regular people, not so much." 

I was stunned.  I said, "People on some sort of assistance are regular people."

Seriously?  What kind of people does she think we are?  Irregular ones?  Are we somehow so different from those that are not on assistance?  I know people think this way but wow.  The prejudice against poor people runs so deep.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Guy at the post office: What's your dog's name?

Me: Isaac.

(really long pause)

Guy: I take it you're a Christian?"

Me (confused): Huh?

Guy: I take it you're a Christian?

Me (caught off guard and fearing he is going to try to save me): Um, no...

Guy: I just thought, you know, Isaac is a Bible name.

Me: Oh! Yes, it's Hebrew. It means "he laughs."

Guy: My mom has a dog named Brewski.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Service Dog Training Proram Shut Down, Dogs in Need of Help

K-9 Assistants for Independence was a training program for service dogs located in Texas.  The organization trained service dogs from start to finish, and they also helped people that were owner training by keeping dogs for weeks or months at a time to work on specific aspects of their training, and they also offered board and train services for pet dogs.  Just recently, news broke that dogs in the facility were being neglected, mistreated and abused.  Dogs were going home from the facility seriously underweight, sick, infested with ticks, suffering from contagious illnesses like coccidia (which causes terrible diarrhea), anemic, malnourished, in terrible shape.  They were also fearful, suffering from separation anxiety, showing signs of having been physically abused such as flinching or cowering when someone reached out to pet them.

The facility has been closed down and dogs returned to their owners or placed in foster homes.  There are probably several dozen dogs affected, though, and the cost of treating their health problems is significant.  So a fundraiser has been started to raise money to help the owners and the foster homes to care for the needs of these dogs.  Please, help if you can.

Help the Dogs from K9AI

Monday, April 24, 2017

Daddy Pup

Isaac made a friend at the Medicaid office today. It was a little boy, maybe three years old. He patted Isaac on the head and then showed Isaac his toy dinosaur. The little boy was very chatty but difficult to understand. I did, however, understand the word "Pup."

After the little boy patted Isaac and showed him the dinosaur and chatted a while, I told him "The pup's name is Isaac."

The little boy's mom said "That's your daddy's name!"

The little boy looked at Isaac with wide round eyes, like he was just so amazed that this pup could have the same name as his daddy. I could just see him thinking about it. I think maybe it blew his mind. But finally he pointed at Isaac and announced, loudly, "Daddy Pup!"